Cruising Different Places

Cruising grounds are public location such as some restrooms, parks, woods, and gyms that people who are looking for anonymous sex visit. These places develop covert reputations by some as places to meet other like-minded people. No pictures, conversations, or prearranged meetings on apps or other social platforms needed, only mutual in-person consent required.

Some enjoy the spontaneity of cruising while others seek the thrill of public sex. Some like the here-and-now decisions of meeting in the flesh without risks of being catfished or receiving deceptive pictures. Another group of cruisers are people in relationships, well-known figures, or people experimenting that are seeking no-strings-attached sex that won't risk them getting caught with certain apps or have their pictures collected or leaked.

Some cruising grounds, especially arcades and bathhouses, have glory holes which are hip-height, fist-size holes made into partitions that allows for sex without even seeing each other. Glory holes were first created in restrooms by vandals wanting completely anonymous sex.

The best locations are accessible by the general public for free in areas where strangers don't attract attention. Ideal locations allow cruisers to easily mix in with the crowd upon entering and leaving. They also offer a good layout for privacy and allow you to be aware of any people approaching.

There are also warning signs for places to avoid such as places with security cameras above doors or signs mentioning police patrolling or warnings against loitering. These are places where people have been caught having sex and management is trying to stop it from happening.

It is important to know how to cruise in each different location otherwise you might be in the right place but still find no action. The most important thing is to help keep these places clean and discreet. Don't leave cum filled condoms and popper wrappers that will attract unwanted attention. Cruising grounds are becoming rare and we need to work together to help keep them around.


Airports can have multiple areas to cruise and are usually used by travelers with long layovers looking to get off or with airline employees. Action is usually found in restrooms in quite places such as at terminal ends, international terminals that are only used for part of the day, on upper floors, or basements levels. Some private airport lounges can also be accommodating. Sex at airports is typically quicker than other places.


Arcades are dark hallways usually found inside some sex toy stores. The hallways are made of individual private booths that each have a small screen to watch different channels of porn. Some arcades have a display case near its entrance with porn covers and a number indicating its channel.

Cruising in an arcade is easier because it is set up specifically for cruising. Each arcade is different in terms of amenities and layout. Some have booths with many glory holes available, some might have full sized booths to have sex in, and some may only have tiny booths with few or no glory holes or the glory holes are temporarily covered due to local government inspections. If you're new to glory holes, you should start with an adult video arcade that has a glory hole as it is safe to assume anyone you see within an arcade is cruising so you don't have to use discrete signals like you would in other locations.

Arcades make money when you pay to watch porn in the booth. Some booths accept paper bills, tokens purchased from a machine, or advance payment at the register. A dollar a minute is the most common and booths never provide change. Bring enough low denomination bills for your stay as cashiers rarely break bills.

Most booths have a light above the door that illuminates when porn is playing to indicate an occupied booth. To avoid unwanted attention from the employees, don't loiter, keep the porn playing while you're in a booth, and be the only one in your booth. While nudity is allowed inside the individual booths, you'll wear your street clothes walking through the store and into the arcade.

Coming to the arcade may be overwhelming for first timers, consider using a booth without a glory hole and just masturbate while watching porn and hearing moans from neighboring booths.

If you're wanting more, select a booth with a solitary glory hole that's connected to an unoccupied booth and masturbate standing or sitting away from the hole knowing that someone might come into the adjoining booth and watch--or potentially do more than watch, if you are comfortable with that.

If you want to get sucked and you don't care by who, then you'll also want to select a booth with a solitary glory hole that's connected to an unoccupied booth. Masturbate while standing near and facing the glory hole. A potential partner may come to watch, like what they see, get on their knees, and position their mouth near the hole to signal for you to get closer. If you're not responding they may rub their finger along the rim of the glory hole as a more direct sign of interest.

If you want to suck and you don't care who, then select a booth connected to an occupied booth. Look through the hole to see if someone is signaling that they want to be sucked by facing the hole. Get on your knees and open your mouth near the hole and someone will approach if interested. If they're missing your signal, you may run your finger along the edge of the glory hole, only slightly penetrating your finger through the hole. Accept if they only want to be watched and never reach through the hole.

You might not want total anonymity with your sex partner and to be more selective. Though many arcades discourage it, there may be some guys loitering in the hallway or near the porn cover display case to look for sex partners. Usually the ones standing stationary near a booth door are looking to suck, while the ones walking around are looking to get sucked.

Eye contact, and how the other person responds is key to seeing if they're interested. If the sucker is interested they may move a little into their booth, as the other guy walks near. If uninterested, they may stand still and avoid eye contact or walk away. Watch for these cues as they are needed for other types of cruising. If both partners are interested, they'll move into adjacent booths and get started.

Bars & Clubs

Cruising in bars and clubs isn't much different for straight and gay people. You see a hot guy or girl across the bar and maybe you buy them a drink or say "hi" to start things off. Some locations are exclusively marketed for gay men but that does not mean there are not straight men there to enjoy themselves. Find a partner while inside the bar or club but take them elsewhere to have sex. You should not have sex within the location or you will probably run into trouble. Of course it is not unheard of for people to hook up in the restroom and some especially cruisy bars have dedicated backrooms for sex.


Similar to arcades, bathhouses have an entrance fee. The difference between an arcade and bathhouse is that bathhouses typically have "wet areas" such as pools, steam rooms, saunas, and showers.

Many, but not all bathhouses have glory holes. If you are looking specifically for glory holes make sure to check a bathhouse's description on Hole Hunter to see if glory holes are mentioned in the description. Unlike arcades, where you are constantly feeding money into a machine, you pay one set price to enter a bathhouse and you can generally stay as long, or as short as you'd like within their operating hours.

You'll find locker rooms inside bathhouses where you can undress and store your street clothes. Many bathhouses provide a towel that you can wrap around your waist to walk around in, while many others walk around in a jock strap or fully nude.

You may also find glory hole booths at some bathhouses, just like the arcade, but they generally don't have any porn playing inside. The same rules apply with these booths and with the arcade booths. You might also find private rooms a little larger than a booth and without a glory hole. These rooms are meant for two or more people to have sex without others watching or participating.

You might find a dimly lit labyrinth in some bathhouses, with some of the walls having glory holes. If you're looking to suck, and you don't care who it is, you should find an empty hole, kneel down and open your mouth near the hole whenever someone walks by on the other side. If you're looking to suck, and you don't care who, find an open mouth in the labyrinth, stand close to the hole and unwrap the towel around your waist if you're wearing one. If the person is still there and showing interest, move closer to get sucked off.

Some bathhouses also have a place called suckitoriums, sometimes called slurp ramps, that consist of one open ground floor room and an elevated walkway around that room. If you're looking to suck, stand in the ground floor room. If you're looking to get sucked, go onto the elevated walkway. Suckitoriums allow both people to stand while using the glory hole, but the action is usually limited to only oral sex.


Not all beaches are cruisy but those that are, will have areas designated for cruising. Those areas are not known by the public so you will have to research online or ask someone where the cruisy area of the beach is. Typically it will be somewhere away from the public eye, like a rocky area or an area with many shrubs and bushes (allowing for privacy). Cruising is more typical at nude beaches. Many people will sunbathe naked. Walk by and signal to see if there is any interest. A word of advice however; many escorts will wander nude beaches in search of paying clients, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before engaging in any form of sex.


Although it is less common to cruise at campgrounds, they do offer open spaces with many places to hide away and have fun. Having sex in a tent is an option and some campgrounds provide restrooms and showers for campers which are great for cruising. Some campgrounds are located in heavily wooded areas, so it could be easy to not see unsuspecting campers nearby. Make sure to scope the area before engaging in sex.

Cars (Parking Lots)

People very commonly cruise inside their cars at parking lots. Why? Because parking lots are everywhere and it is easy to drive off if trouble (like security or cops) arises. Cruisy parking lots are not publicly advertised or easy to spot. Research online or ask around to find them. The parking lots of gyms and bathhouses are the most common. Some parking lots are more hidden in a park or trail and have times designated for cruising. So if you don't find any action when you are there; don't give up. Come back again at another time and try again. The typical times for cruising at parks are: one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset although some are only active during late night hours. It is important to know the right time to go or you will never find action.


Sand dunes make up some of the cruisiest places in the world because they typically are located next to beaches and have an abundant amount of bushes and shrubs to play in privately. Some dunes have different designated areas for straight and gay people. Make sure you know which area you are cruising in. People typically spend prolonged amounts of times in these areas sunbathing or waiting for action. It is not uncommon to see a person find multiple sex partners in a single day at dunes. Like beaches, many escorts will use dunes to find paying customers so make sure you are aware of any situation you might be involved in. Dunes are also a hotbed for pickpockets, so don't bring anything of value when cruising in these areas.

Gyms & Spas

Gyms and spas are available to the public so discretion is a must if you cruise in them. Cruising typically doesn't take place in the common areas of these locations but rather in the amenities areas like showers, saunas, or steam rooms. The locations that are open 24 hours a day are typically the most popular places to cruise. Late night hours are the best times to find activity.


Many hotel guests like cruising when they travel because no one will recognize them. Cruising is common in hotel lobby restrooms because they are accessible by the public. Play in the restroom or follow them back to their room. Other great locations for cruising in hotels are in the amenities rooms. If a hotel has a swimming pool, a gym or a rooftop bar, try to use them during the hour before closing.

Although some people have a fantasy of flashing and having sex with the hotel employees, it is best not to make advances to the maids and bellboys because you might end up with a sexual harassment lawsuit on your hands.

Hotels are a prime location for men to organize group sex events. Though this isn't really cruising (because it involves prearranging a meeting), pay attention to the hotels where these group sex parties take place because they tend to be more "gay-friendly" which welcomes more cruising activity. Be aware however that hotels are allowed to record any area not within a guests' room so assume security will see you choking on a fat cock in the elevator or ice machine room.


Hostels attract a younger crowd of cruisers. Many times while staying in a hostel you will be sharing a room with many strangers as well as restrooms and showers; so it is common for backpackers to cruise in the shared facilities. Some hostels have a lobby or rooftop infamous for guests to have sex in. Choosing a hostel with privacy curtains installed on the beds provide the best privacy. It is discouraged by owners so if you choose to have sex in your room, be considerate of the other guests by not being too loud or too obvious otherwise you will most likely have someone complain about you to the management. Some hostels are catered towards a gay crowd whereas some will offer "boy-only" rooms or "mixed-rooms". Choose a hostel according to your wants and needs.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are available in places like gyms, saunas and swimming pools. Cruising takes place during the act of changing clothes because it is easiest to show off your "goods" when you already have a reason to take your clothes off. Pay particular attention to guys who take a long time to change or the ones who wander the locker rooms wearing only a towel. Many will be subtle and place one leg up on a bench (subtly exposing themselves) while striking up conversation. Take notice and seize the opportunity to find some action.


Parks are probably one of—if not—the most common place to cruise because they are accessible by anyone and you don't need a reason to be at a park. Some parks have large parking lots which allows for cruising in both cars and on foot. Many also have restrooms which is a great place to find action. Pay attention to the closing hours of parks (no they are not open 24/7) because you could get into trouble for being in one when it is already “closed”. Make sure to go to the correct area within the park for cruising. Some parks are huge and cruising might only take place in a small hidden area. You might be at the right park but wrong place within it and fail to find any action.

Parks see the most action during warmer months and almost no action during colder months. So don't expect action year round unless you live in a warm place. Cruising at parks almost always occurs only when it is dark. Try to familiarize yourself with the layout of a park so you know all the exit paths to get out of trouble. Some parks might be unsafe, so don't bring any valuables while cruising. It can be fun to even go with a friend or group to cruise. Always try to be as safe as possible.


Public restrooms are among the most popular places used for anonymous sex because they are found everywhere. However, not all restrooms are cruisy and even at the cruisiest toilets, not all people inside are looking for sex. While a glory hole in the toilet stall wall is an obvious hallmark, most cruisy restrooms are more discreet. Look for signs like peepholes or graffiti indicating sex takes place. Many times, the graffiti is small and written in hidden areas that you might only see while sitting down.

The best restrooms to cruise in are bigger ones with many stalls/urinals and a door (or two) which will give a good advanced warning of someone entering. Look for places with multiple urinals without dividers. Stalls where the walls reach all the way down to the ground are best for accommodating multiple people but could be difficult to watch for signals under-stall.

The most popular cruisy restrooms are usually the ones inside malls, libraries, gyms, hotels, parks, airports and transportation hubs. These restrooms already have foot traffic passing by on a daily basis so it isn't suspicious for someone to use them. Whereas a private restroom like those of an office or ones meant only for one person is not an ideal place to cruise because it will raise suspicion quickly.

Public restrooms are often used for anonymous sex. They are an innocuous destination found everywhere that offer privacy. However, not all restrooms are cruisy and even at the cruisiest toilets are used by people not looking for sex. While a glory hole in the toilet wall stall is an obvious hallmark, most cruisy restrooms are more discreet. You can find nearby cruisy restrooms on Hole Hunter but learning some basics can help you identify and promote new ones. Learning the basics will also help keep you safe.

Glory holes in public restrooms exist, but are much rarer than glory holes in arcades or bathhouses. When you find them, they're usually between two restroom stalls at public parks, bus or train stations, university campuses, or gay bars. Unlike arcades or bathhouses that provide glory holes as part of their business, there is no charge to use glory holes in public restrooms. Except for maybe some gay bars, almost all of these glory holes holes are unwanted by the people that manage the restroom, and for that reason, they're much more dangerous as security and police sometimes patrol these places looking to arrest cruisers.

If the restroom is unoccupied, select one of the stalls. Sometimes the glory hole is between the handicap stall and adjoining stall. If you're looking to suck go into the handicap stall as it will give you more room when you're on your knees. Lock the stall door, sit down, and start masturbating while you wait for someone to join you. The masturbating creates shadows on the floor that can be seen by others who are looking for action. If you're looking to get sucked go wait at the urinals and wait until someone goes into the glory hole stall.

If the restroom is occupied by a stall with one of the glory holes, enter the adjoining stall, lock the stall door, sit down, and look for shadows on the ground or listen for any masturbating sounds. While you're doing this, the person who was in the booth first will be looking at your feet to see what you're doing and where you're standing.

If it is likely that you're both there for the glory hole the person that wants to suck might approach the glory hole, while the person looking to get sucked might start lowering their pants. This slow exchange watching each other's actions is very important, as the person on the other side of the hole might be a vice cop looking to arrest you for cruising. Don't be the one to initiate action, but in the end, someone will need to initiate something.

In these public restrooms, you might see a small metal or wooden plate on a stall wall to cover an existing glory hole. That glory hole is down until someone removes the plate or makes a new glory hole. Sometimes you'll see a large metal plate that covers most of the stall wall from waist down. That is a strong indication that the people managing the restroom are actively preventing a glory hole in their restroom.

Some glory holes are discreet and not noticeable by a casual restroom user such as a glory hole that was drilled behind a toilet paper dispenser that can be removed during play.

Sometimes, they're even more discreet, such as an in wall double sided toilet paper dispenser where the lock was broken and the toilet paper can be removed to make a temporary glory hole. Other times the lock doesn't even need to be broken, as these keys are usually universal and can be purchased online.

Some restrooms are better for sex than others. A lot of that comes down to location and layout.

The best locations are accessible by the general public for free in areas where strangers don't attract attention. Idyllic locations also allow its users the ability to mix in with others and disappear once leaving. While there are cruisy military barracks restrooms and cruisy restrooms on closed campuses and in theme parks, most will find more action at public parks, public libraries, shopping centers, and transportation hubs.

Layout is also important. Look for restrooms that provide warning when others are approaching, such as restrooms at the end of a long hallway or behind double doors that swing open loudly. Look for places with multiple urinals without dividers. Pay attention to places with roomy stalls at an angle to the door so by-standards can't see how many people are inside and what their positions are.

If you find places like this look for more telltale signs. Check for sexual graffiti in the restroom stalls and around the urinals. Some may be large and bold but most will by tiny and written in the grout between tiles or on the edge of the toilet paper dispenser only seen if you're sitting down. Look for tiny peep holes between stalls or between a stall and the urinals. Look for any peep holes that are actively but slowly being carved larger to turn into glory holes. Check the stalls for glory holes or for wooden or metal plates that covered a glory hole. Look for loose toilet paper dispensers that are covering a glory hole. If in-wall double sided toilet paper dispensers are used, check to see if the lock was removed or broken to allow for the toilet paper dispenser to be used as a glory hole.

There are also warning signs for places to avoid. Be cautious of places with security cameras above doors or signs mentioning police patrolling or warnings against loitering. These are usually places where people have been caught having sex and the people managing the restroom are trying to stop it from happening.

Miscellaneous Places

Sometimes the most surprising places could be ideal for cruising. The stairway of an apartment complex or parking garage for example might have guys sitting on the steps waiting for action throughout the day. Some stairways don't see much foot traffic because tenants prefer to use the elevators; creating a perfect discreet area to have sex in.

Pay attention to alleys and streets located close to gay bars, clubs or gyms; many party goers will have sex in alleyways after closing time. It also isn't uncommon to find drunk guys walking home from a party using an alleyway hoping to run into someone to have sex with.

Because cruising locations are not advertised to the public, you have to pay close attention in order to know where they exist. Hole Hunter helps you find and create cruising locations but because it is such a spontaneous activity, you'll never know where you'll find it!

Private Glory Holes

Another place to find glory holes is at a private home or hotel room. They are usually made from a hung up bed sheet and cut to make a waist height hole. They are usually hosted by a person looking to suck off an invited guest with the host usually wanting pictures of what the other person looks like before they share their address.

Typically, the host is unwilling to share a current and accurate picture of themselves. Sometimes the host has a low light video camera setup to see the person on the other side which they may or may not have recording. These types of glory holes and interactions are outside of the scope of Hole Hunter.