Cruising Signals & Cues

Cruising typically involves a nonverbal cue that is subtle but obvious enough to signal other guys you are interested in having sex.

The best way to respond to a guy who is potentially cruising you is to mirror his signals back to him. When cruising a guy always signal slowly and more than once.

Cruising Etiquette

While cruising, remember it is important to have regards for others.

General Cues

These cues can generally be used anywhere and are the most common signs to look for. You should always look for a combination of more than one of these signals before assuming a guy is cruising.

Parks, Trails, and Bikes

Parks and trails often have a dedicated area for cruising.


If a guy is taking much longer to finish common tasks in a restroom, it typically means he is cruising.

Gyms and Saunas

Cruising usually does not take place in the workout area of a gym but more so in amenity areas such as showers, saunas or locker rooms.


Sometimes guys will cruise while sitting in their cars but it can be hard to recognize; so it is best to signal using the car itself.

After establishing unmistakable interest using cues, you can always go somewhere more private and be more direct about what you are looking for. Remember to always be safe and have fun!